The price for the happiness 2

Happiness is so relative. When you’re extremely hungry – you can enjoy even a piece of  bread. But what can make you smile if you have had a good dinner half an hour before?

I land 200 meters short of the goal and felt myself very sad. Rushed immediately to the instrument trying to check if it is really like that – but my Compeo hung, and my Air Cotec has witched off during the flight because of the flat battery. And at that moment I realized, that now I’m really unhappy, that 200 meters means nothing in comparison with 45 km.

I got back home and did what all computer people do in this situation – removed and insert back the batteries to my Compeo. The track was saved? and my mood as well. No I can drink  and enjoy the evening. Why  this small things are so important in our life?

Just some pictures from today. No any connections with flying.

IMGP3791 IMGP3798


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2 thoughts on “The price for the happiness

  • lea

    Не по теме:

    просто специально открываю твой блог надолго и посмотриваю иногда на сменяющиеся цитаты:)

    Очень в тему часто))