Krasnoyarsk – Macedonia(transit through Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria) - about 6000 km 14 – 21 july – 2nd Slavonian Cup (Krushevo, Macedonia) After competitions we can go to the lake Okhrid. Thi is the most famous local place. Maybe we will have chance to try a bit of SIV. Macedonia - Bulgaria – about 350 km 24 - 31 july - Russian Open Cup/ Crisis Factor (Sopot, Bulgaria) 1 – 7 august - Polish Paragliding Open (Sopot, Bulgaria)

Travel plan

[caption id="attachment_270" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Turkey, Bayramoren"]Turkey, Bayramoren[/caption] Paragliding potential of Bayramoren as a flying side by discovered by Tahsin Tekin who is a mechanical engineer and experienced pilot , paragliding since 1990. He took the mission of promoting the area worldwide to the other pilots and he organized the first competition in the area. (Bayramoren XC Open 2008) Bayramoren became the hotspot for paragliding pilots in a very short period of time and it will host big organizations such as Turkey Paragliding Championship 2009 and Pre World Cup 2009 with the attendance of local and foreign pilots, again organized by Tahsin Tekin. Bayramoren will attract many more local and foreign pilots in the following years and help this small and cute district to be recalled and promoted with paragliding.