Just after the take off i realized, how stupid i was. I understood, that I do know how to fly and I'm a complete failure. My vario told me in a disgusting voice: “You will land here, foolish girl”. Almost all my group was hanging along the ridge, Except Igor, who was also going down as myself.

Anyway, if I have to land, I must try to check some of my theories about this valley, at least. With a great sink i went towards the village. Igor in a deep spiral was going up to the outer space.  Colored gliders rush to his thermal immediately from different sides. Alas! I’m too low, and too far…

why I did I not fly to Greece

Krasnoyarsk – Macedonia(transit through Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria) - about 6000 km 14 – 21 july – 2nd Slavonian Cup (Krushevo, Macedonia) After competitions we can go to the lake Okhrid. Thi is the most famous local place. Maybe we will have chance to try a bit of SIV. Macedonia - Bulgaria – about 350 km 24 - 31 july - Russian Open Cup/ Crisis Factor (Sopot, Bulgaria) 1 – 7 august - Polish Paragliding Open (Sopot, Bulgaria)

Travel plan