Just a definition from a dictionary: Love: a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.

All you need is Love?

People used to get crossed when thing going wrong way, shy to meet new people and fail to ask for even very simple favor, feel disappointment being shouted at and shame when being blamed – not matter if it is true or not. That state of being always wrong, uncertain […]

happy valentine?

Happiness is so relative. When you’re extremely hungry – you can enjoy even a piece of  bread. But what can make you smile if you have had a good dinner half an hour before? I land 200 meters short of the goal and felt myself very sad. Rushed immediately to […]

The price for the happiness

That it is so beautiful/ Even if the sun has gone already and it’s quite cold. Do not want to swim, the tent is going to fly away…We, Russians, are little bit wild. I could say even very wild. At least more wild then any other nation I know. For […]

They talk about sea only at the sky...

Любовь-отнюдь не сложная система шагов, которые два человека делают навстречу друг другу. Это ощущение. Такое же, как смеяться или удивляться, например. Смеёмся, потому что смешно, удивляемся, потому что удивлены. Непроизвольная реакция. Потому нет ничего невыносимо горького или странного в том, что она исчезает — любое ощущение имеет свойство появляться, уходить […]

no name

Белое облако вдали, Ты мертвое крыло — но чье? — Не долетевшее — куда? Clouds are like some people. They born and die. They can be big and can be small. Some of them we enjoy to watch at. There’re certain type of clouds people wish to get closer and closer and fight […]

Clouds are like people