I arrived to Almaty, at last. This trip was full of unexpected difficulties, but everybody are still alive and happy. One very important for me person used to say: “it is not a problem, but how we solve it”. The weather is traditionally bad in spring Almaty and I wonder why people come here, even if they know exactly: nor good flights nor far distance in spring

Almaty: arrival

Итак – опять Алматы. Впрочем, Алматы не может надоесть. Это слово – и гора Уш-Коныр, и гостеприимная страна с оборзевшими ГАИшниками (полициясы – они себя именно так называют). Алматы – это лагман и шорпа невиданной вкусноты, это клубника в мае, это дверь в ЛЕТО, когда в остальных местах снег едва […]

Almaty again

Как уже писалось в предыдущем посту, ситуация с этими поляками была весьма неоднозначной. Теперь все ясно 

В Словении будет Polish PG championship, а в Болгарии будет Polish Paragliding Open. Чем они принципиально отличаются ответить я затрудняюсь. Надо будет выяснить… Хочется и туда и туда...

Polish competitions

As I think, every person in the world have dreams while sleeping. But some people can remember what they have seen, and the athers - doesn't. Dreams can be different. It can be like adventure story, or a thriller... Sometimes your dream looks like a real life. And you feel very strange when you wake up in the morning and go to the fridge because you 100% sure, that there's an ice-cream inside. Because you remember that you put it there. And it's not easy to believe, that the ice-cream was in the dream only.

A proverb

I start falling ill with Turkey. So start putting together information about this country. 200px-Canadian_visa[1] The capital of Turkey is Ankara and not Stambul as I always thought. Why I thought so? Maybe, because Stambul used to be the capital of Turkey before. But on 1923 Kemal Atatürk replaced the capital to Ankara. There were 60 000 people only in Ankara at that moment. About busses Women have got special status in Turkey. If she travels alone, she must have special place in a bus. Woman can sit only with a woman or alone. So, it seems to me, that it is rather safe to travel in Turkey for women. Or, maybe, I must find some more information…

Turkey: more information

[caption id="attachment_424" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Paraavis EGO"]Paraavis EGO[/caption]I've got 2 variants: Kortel Kanibal Race or Advance Impress 2+ I've tried Impress already. And I like it. As for Kortel - I haven't even seen it. But i've heard a lot of very good thing about Kortel from those, who used to have Impress before...

Kortel Kanibal Race vs Advance Impress 2+