It's a real adventure.. 6-7 men in a confined space during 1,5 month... Uuups. I'm wrong again. It's not 1,5 month. We have to spend time together while travel only (not more then 2 week totally). All other time everybody can live wherever they want. The team is nice and spirited. Even too much sometimes... To peak the truth, everybody are little bit nervous about this combination as "Leha+Timur" because of it's irreversible destructive consequences...

Eurotour – 2009 :)

To say the truth, I'm not happy with my results. Why?  Too stupid to fly good. Resume - need more flights and more often. It could help to reduce the quantity of butterflies the stomach before the take-off and stupor after it. And study the maps and stuff. This would help not to fly 90 degrees away from the route, just because i "feel like flying that direction"

Almaty: results

The weather was awful since early morning. Didn't feel like climb out of the chort and thin children's blanket. Outside was rainy, and under the blanket was a fat warm dachshund. They overfeed my dog, and it could hiccup from time to tome only. He couldn't even gave a deep sigh as he used to. Only something like sad grunt.

Almaty: the 2nd day