My melody

It came in my life accidentally. Actually i came there myself. On my own i found musical school at abt 5y.o. and my parents had nothing to do by accept it.
Music is important part of my life, my soul. It is place to hide myself being in the crowd of the most irritating people. It is friend's hand cheering up and wiping tears away. A weapon from all fears that giving me strength to stand up and go further again.
Think that scientists made lots of researchments and explain the influence of different sounds into human's mind and body. So my attitude to music is not in my imagination only. Wonder if it would be ever possible to make everyone happy uaing just accustic rules.
Music i listen now have one more warm meaning,: it comes out of my cute and tiny ipod nano 6 — birthday gift from my highly improved technically mom. It is with me always. Thank you, mama.


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