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People used to get crossed when thing going wrong way, shy to meet new people and fail to ask for even very simple favor, feel disappointment being shouted at and shame when being blamed – not matter if it is true or not.

That state of being always wrong, uncertain and insecure turns the life to a kind of disaster.  You forget your personality, give up your dreams and goals. Just live to avoid everything that hurts. And you can even succeed in this attempts to destroy your life in sake of other people’s ideals. But for how long?

You can pretend in face of one person for the whole life or in face of all community for a while. But you can’t lie to everybody for the whole life. Especially to yourself. Especially when sleepless nights with its empty streets, lightened with a blinking robots only, will be so much alike your own life – that was like busy street in the high hour and turned to loneliness. Still blinking, but seems that no one need it anymore.

It’s no any sense to feel bad or angry, jealous, fear, shy, depression or hate. You can’t be happy, if you don’t want to. And you are happy as soon as you decide it. Problems will not disappear. People will not stop to offence and insult you. Bad things will still happen. There’s nothing to do about it. But your attitude – this you can change a lot.

An accident? The car is broken? Ok. It’s just a question of money. Everybody survive, money is replaceable.

Is He shout at you? It’s not you who is bad, It is He, who is weak. That one who shouts – just accept his useless to deal with the problem. You can be sorry for his mental and nerve health. But it’s not what can lead you through the life.

Your kids' smoking? Yeah… not nice. But no any point in crying also. It’s just not going to help. From the other side, happy and healthy person can make much more, than shocked, destroyed and crossed.

And when you happy person with open eyes and soul – suddenly you will see a lot of friends around. Not because they’re like butterflies rush to your light. No. It’s just your eyes are open wide enough to see them.

So. I will survive and I ‘m happy. 🙂



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