The weather was awful since early morning. Didn't feel like climb out of the chort and thin children's blanket. Outside was rainy, and under the blanket was a fat warm dachshund. They overfeed my dog, and it could hiccup from time to tome only. He couldn't even gave a deep sigh as he used to. Only something like sad grunt.

Almaty: the 2nd day

I arrived to Almaty, at last. This trip was full of unexpected difficulties, but everybody are still alive and happy. One very important for me person used to say: “it is not a problem, but how we solve it”. The weather is traditionally bad in spring Almaty and I wonder why people come here, even if they know exactly: nor good flights nor far distance in spring

Almaty: arrival

Итак – опять Алматы. Впрочем, Алматы не может надоесть. Это слово – и гора Уш-Коныр, и гостеприимная страна с оборзевшими ГАИшниками (полициясы – они себя именно так называют). Алматы – это лагман и шорпа невиданной вкусноты, это клубника в мае, это дверь в ЛЕТО, когда в остальных местах снег едва […]

Almaty again

Как уже писалось в предыдущем посту, ситуация с этими поляками была весьма неоднозначной. Теперь все ясно 

В Словении будет Polish PG championship, а в Болгарии будет Polish Paragliding Open. Чем они принципиально отличаются ответить я затрудняюсь. Надо будет выяснить… Хочется и туда и туда...

Polish competitions

[caption id="attachment_320" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Take-off in Bayromoren"]Take-off in Bayromoren[/caption] Some information about competition: - Training & Registration Day: 11 August 2008 - Competition: 12-16 August 2008 - FAI Cat-2 - Accomodation & food will be provided by organizer - For foreign pilots arriving by plane to Ankara or Istanbul airports; transfer arrangement to Bayramoren will be made by organisation without any charge - Organiser is Tahsin Tekin - Meet Director is Semih SAYIR

Pre-PWC Bayramoren & Turkish Nationals