Вот и все. Можно закрыть в браузере все прогнозные сайты, закинуть в стиральную машинку всю одежду и налить бокал вина. Завтра мы едем в Турцию. Еще одно новое место в мою копилку.


Krasnoyarsk – Macedonia(transit through Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria) - about 6000 km 14 – 21 july – 2nd Slavonian Cup (Krushevo, Macedonia) After competitions we can go to the lake Okhrid. Thi is the most famous local place. Maybe we will have chance to try a bit of SIV. Macedonia - Bulgaria – about 350 km 24 - 31 july - Russian Open Cup/ Crisis Factor (Sopot, Bulgaria) 1 – 7 august - Polish Paragliding Open (Sopot, Bulgaria)

Travel plan

To say the truth, I'm not happy with my results. Why?  Too stupid to fly good. Resume - need more flights and more often. It could help to reduce the quantity of butterflies the stomach before the take-off and stupor after it. And study the maps and stuff. This would help not to fly 90 degrees away from the route, just because i "feel like flying that direction"

Almaty: results