A proverb

As I think, every person in the world have dreams while sleeping. But some people can remember what they have seen, and the athers — doesn't.

Dreams can be different. It can be like adventure story, or a thriller... Sometimes your dream looks like a real life. And you feel very strange when you wake up in the morning and go to the fridge because you 100% sure, that there's an ice-cream inside. Because you remember that you put it there. And it's not easy to believe, that the ice-cream was in the dream only.

As for me, from time to time I've got very strange dreams, like proverb, or sounds, or new definitions of completely new for me conception. And if somebody wakes me up at this  moment and ask me, and write my explanation down it must be very interesting... maybe... The problem is that nobody do this. And all  these amazingly interesting things go nowhere, cos i forget most of dreams in a couple of hours after I wake up...

Why do I tell all this? Cos this afternoon a proverb came in my mind while i was not sleeping. I even cannot say why and what for. Just appeared in my mind...

It sonds like: «What people think and what they say is not always the same».

It has got even little bit of rhime. I checked Yndex and Google - they haven't got anything like this. At least for the present moment. What is more confusing, is that it appeares in my mind in English, though I'm native Russian speaker (and usually thinker 🙂 )



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