Monthly Archives: June 2009

Сегодня ночью увидела селезня в луже возле дороги. Просто маленького селезня. Посреди большого города. Между многоэтажек. Он просто плавал, затем вылез из лужи и отряхивал лапки, ничуть не смущаясь единственным зрителем с отвисшей челюстью. Интересно, где он живет днем?

Ducks in a Pond

The surprise for Tadej and Sasha turned to a kind of surprise for myself. Sail on the racket to Divnogorsk. It is so beautiful… Divnogorsk itself is so tine and fairy, as a town of my childhood – Bratsk. As if it were from Krapivin’s books. It seems, that if you only you turn round the corner, and get through the hole in a fence – plenty of mistery things start happenning around you.

Surprise and adventure's day

Jelkin Hram Open - a competitions in Slovenia was included in my paragliding travel trip by europe accidentally. Just because the dates suited me. And that's it. I remember, that my friend Jenya and myself was joking, that now I would know exactly where Slovenia is. But this time Slovenia's knocking at my door itself :)

Sasha and Tadey