Sasha and Tadey 2

Sasha and Tadey are my guests from Slovenia.

sasa tadej

They travel from Slovenia to China through Russia and fly wherever it is possible.

Welcome to Siberia Tadej and Sasha 🙂

It is so funny... Slovenia appears in my life again. The firt time I started thinking about Slovenia, was when I was reading Paolo Koelho's book «Veronika decides to die». Here's one episode, that hooked on me:

Underneath an illustration of the computer game, the journalist began his article by asking: ‘Where is Slovenia?' ‘Honestly,' she thought, ‘no one ever knows where Slovenia is.' But Slovenia existed nonetheless, and it was outside, inside, in the mountains around her and in the square she was looking out at: Slovenia was her country.

Since that time I was very curious where this Slovenia is? I also don't know where it is.

Jelkin Hram Open — a competitions in Slovenia was included in my paragliding travel trip by europe accidentally. Just because the dates suited me. And that's it. I remember, that my friend Jenya and myself was joking, that now I would know exactly where Slovenia is. But this time Slovenia's knocking at my door itself 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Sasha and Tadey

  • Ifkfz

    Грустная история... Осколки когда — то большой семьи народов, живших пусть и не в мире, но с пониманием и уважением. Страны , которая стала задолго жо распада СССР, полигоном, моделью на основе которой были разарботы технологии натравливания друг на друга соседей. Мы очень похожи были с Югославией и по количеству республик, по многонациональности, и многорелигиозности... Только грустно, когда сор выносится из избы... распадается семья. Сербы, хорваты, боснийцы, македонцы, словенцы...... Русские, белорусы, таджики, казахи, грузины... Свое я доказали... а что потом?

    • Ifkfz

      Кстати, когда я уезжала в Коктебель, мой шеф на полном серьезе спрашивал меня... А где такая страна Феодосия... Вот так