Travel plan

  • Krasnoyarsk – Macedonia (transit through Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria) — about 6000 km

14 – 21 july2nd Slavonian Cup (Krushevo, Macedonia)

After competitions we can go to the lake Okhrid. Thi is the most famous local place. Maybe we will have chance to try a bit of SIV.

  • Macedonia — Bulgaria – about 350 km

24 — 31 july — Russian Open Cup/ Crisis Factor (Sopot, Bulgaria)

1 – 7 august — Polish Paragliding Open (Sopot, Bulgaria)

If we will have non-flying days — we could go to see the sights

  • Bulgaria — Turkey – about 1000 km

12 – 16 augustPre PWC Bayramoren & Open Turkish National Championship (Bayramoren, Turkey)

On the way to and back we will swim in Black Sea and Egeyskoe Sea, stare at the sights, absorbing in the lokal culture and way of life.

  • Turkey — Serbia (transit through Bulgaria) – about 1600 km

19 – 23 august — Serbia Open, Serbian National Champs, 5th round of Serbian XC league (Raska, Serbia)

Nobody knows about flying in Serbia.

  • Serbia — Krasnoyarsk — about 6000 km

Maybe on the way back we would have chance to take part in any ukrainian-russian competitions

The team


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