about fear 1

All people have fears. Ones accept that, others — not. I'm scared of almost everything. probably that's why i do so much crazy things. Sick imagination can turn any small and innocent thing into a disaster with the most terrible end. And then force the cleverest brains to believe it.

There's no way to live your live thinking of all your nightmares coming alive. The only chance is jump to this abyss with «wide closed eyes»©. An abyss of impossible adventures, risks and unbelievable beauties.  So, that even if something happens (and it is definitely will), you will know exactly why, and what for. Otherwise: what sense in all these?


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One thought on “about fear

  • Ifkfz

    Соломку бы не забыть подстелить, и еще лучше не зажмуриваться...а вдруг увидишь мягкое местечко, если и не увидишь, то хотя б в последний раз (если что) полюбуешься на этот прекрасный мир.