They talk about sea only at the sky... 1

That it is so beautiful/ Even if the sun has gone already and it’s quite cold. Do not want to swim, the tent is going to fly away…We, Russians, are little bit wild. I could say even very wild. At least more wild then any other nation I know. For us it was better to camp next to the trash, but in a wild, then live in a nice well organized camping but close to a crowd.

The wind is strong, waves rage and i feel that kind of quite happiness when you needn’t anything and anybody to smile.

Just remembered that story of Hemingway “The old man and the sea”. A guy ha spent all his life in a boat, just fishing and looking at the sea. Maybe through through blue-green water he could manage to look into his soul. I’m not ready to spend all my life, staring at the water. But now – I’m sitting and looking.


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