Mom as a human

selfie with mom is a musthave

granny and grandson

The most grateful listener, perceiver of my interests and beauties is my mother. No one ever perceived my attempts to show my life, to share what seems important to me with so grateful, with sincere interest and enthusiasm.

Well, it happens a lot, when I want to show the sunrise to someone and getting up at 4 in the morning becomes a great issue. Or if I want to show the stars  in the mountains, where the air is so clear, and hiking up for that sounds like a nonsense.

My mom is different.

If we must — then let's go. Wow, how interesting it is!

Of course, I'm a little tired, but let’s go a bit further!

Well, I'm slightly frizzing ... but what a beautiful view down there!

Here she is ... my mother. Our mother. With my sister. My little nephew’s grandmother.

My best friend in the world.