why I did I not fly to Greece 4

Just after the take off i realized, how stupid i was. I understood, that I do know how to fly and I'm a complete failure. My vario told me in a disgusting voice: “You will land here, foolish girl”. Almost all my group was hanging along the ridge, Except Igor, who was also going down as myself.

Anyway, if I have to land, I must try to check some of my theories about this valley, at least. With a great sink i went towards the village. Igor in a deep spiral was going up to the outer space.  Colored gliders rush to his thermal immediately from different sides. Alas! I’m too low, and too far…

I must have something here. I’m sure. Maybe… With tiny zero going higher and higher and after some time I met Anya and Leha on the distance. It’s nice thermaling with them – at least I know theirs names 🙂

We lost Leha at the 1st turn point, and I went my own way after the second turn point. That was not very clever decision – to broke with a group, flying in the valley, but i wanted to check some of my thoughts, so i flew the rest of the distance to the goal almost alone.

I didn’t want to land exactly at the finish point, as there were nothing. So i chose a small village behind and landed there. I hoped to find some kind of shop or cafe there, to by some cold drinks. The village was quite small, but with a good wide road. When I got lower, I could even see flags – It’s nice when you can see the wind direction before landing. I checked my GPS and sent a message to the retrieval:”№5 at B07” and started packing. Zlatko (meet director) called me almost immediately:

— Are you in Greece?

— What?

Point B07 is in Greece

Which Greece? Is it a joke? I couldn’t even imagine, that I could cross the border in an ordinary flight.

I looked carefully at the flags: from the rights side it’s one color, from the left – is another. When coming closer I realized, that a bus station is a place to checkpoint for transport and people... It looked as if I got into a pretty mess

There’s a saying: one must be careful with wishes – they become true from time to time. And I wished to fly in Greece so much after Volodya’s reports…

Zlatko called me several time and tried to explain me that it is very important that I was in Macedonia, not in Greece. Macedonia’s police guys wanted my passport. But I haven’t got passport with me. I planned to land in the same country, where I took off.  They didn’t let me go, but was nice and polite. They feed me with fresh made coffee and bananas.

When competition organizers could manage to find my passport, police was ready to give me my freedom. I went back home at midnight.


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4 thoughts on “why I did I not fly to Greece

  • lea

    :))))почему ты не в Греции:)))))

    как тебе сейчас-то там летается?

    На каком сайте за тебя можно болеть?)

    • Karinka Post author

      В Македонии летать прикольно. Это самое «мое» место — тут можно (а порой и нужно) летать долиной в одиночку.

      Сайт соревнований, по идее www.slavoniancup.org Но, организаторы сильно не парятся обновлением сайта.

  • Karinka Post author

    Где-то ближе к полуночи меня с КПП конечно забрали. Таможенники были дружелюбны и милы, кормили меня свежесваренным кофе и бананами.

    Самое ужасное последствие — теперь раз 20-30 в день приходится отвечать, на вопросы типа: «Опять в Грецию?», «Ну как там в Греции», «Ты визу-то в Грецию уже сделала?», « А почему ты не в Греции?» «И куда сегодня? Греция или Албания?» и т.д.


    Кто же знал, что эта Греция так близко...

  • lea

    Ох, Каришка:) Два часа смеялась:))))

    Ну молодца:)

    Расскажи, чем дело закончилось:))