Almaty: results 2

To say the truth, I'm not happy with my results. Why?  Too stupid to fly good. Resume - need more flights and more often. It could help to reduce the quantity of butterflies the stomach before the take-off and stupor after it.

And study the maps and stuff. This would help not to fly 90 degrees away from the route, just because i "feel like flying that direction"

But still i flew a little bit. Just a little bit...

Some phototruth:

IMGP2591The Main R of the competitions V.I. Zadorozhny

IMGP2590couturier ParaPasha

IMGP2602Helga — the campion, beautiful and enthusiastic 🙂

IMGP2620it is too complicated for me...

IMGP2604Dasha&Sasha 🙂

IMGP2624what's there?

IMGP2628a spider in the web (Saukov Stas)

IMGP2570Padishah with narrow eyes 🙂


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