Almaty: the 2nd day 3

The weather was awful since early morning. Didn't feel like climb out of the chort and thin children's blanket. Outside was rainy, and under the blanket was a fat warm dachshund. They overfeed my dog, and it could hiccup from time to tome only. He couldn't even  gave a deep sigh as he used to. Only something like sad grunt.

Cancell day... Some pilots play Mafia with with self-forgetful inspiration. The others drink bear and good (for it's price) Kazakstan's brandy. And many of them combine these two things together.

Just remember, as my friend Jenya was very sad, when she has come last to the finish, when the distance was 140km. Yesterday's funny task of 24 km made nobody... We must fly, when the flights are good.  But doesn't matter. I feel good. Somewhere inside my soul is nice and comfortable.

It is 4 hours already as we haven't got electricity. Sitting in the darkness and under the rain. Welcome to Almaty in spring 🙂


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